Top 6 Updates for Your LinkedIn Profile

The Universal Quick Fixes

You’re newly on the job hunt and realize that in addition to updating your resume and gathering references that you need to update your LinkedIn account. Good on you to realize the importance of LinkedIn in your job search! The goal of this article is to focus on the six sections anyone should update on his or her profile.

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Float Tank Failure?

What Really Happens in the Tank

Float Tank 101spa-sm

Float tank, isolation tank, salt water spa, sensory deprivation tank, REST chamber. [Note to self: stop starting blogs with explanatory keywords.] If you are at all into spa treatments or New Age experiences, you’ve heard of float tanks. First used in the 1950s to test the effects of sensory deprivation, they’ve gone in and out of public fashion. Researchers, however, have continued their studies and documented an impressive array of effects.

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Selecting a Decent LinkedIn Background Image

Three things a typical user should consider when selecting an image

jigsaw-smBackground image, header image, hero image. Similar to Facebook’s cover photo, LinkedIn widely launched this feature for personal profiles back in August. Unfortunately, I find the feature to be much less user-friendly than Facebook’s version. So, what are the key things a typical user should consider when selecting an image? Let’s discuss.

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